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From the Articles of Incorporation of Black Hills Parks & Forests Association

"To provide to the traveling public accurate information concerning the Black Hills and adjacent territory; To inform friends of the Black Hills Areas of the educational and interpretive activities carried on therein; To acquaint scientists with results of research accomplished by the staff and friends of the Black Hills Areas: To stimulate and encourage scientific research and investigation in the fields of geology, zoology, botany, history, and related subjects in the Black Hills Areas and in that territory related to them: To assist the Black Hills Areas in the establishment, preparation and further development of museums, observation station, trail-side exhibits, and other interpretive and educational devices: To publish, in cooperation with the National Park Service, various popular and technical papers and booklets dealing with the various fields of related science as may be needed for better public understanding: To assist (the parks in their educational, interpretive, and research programs): To buy, sell and handle government and private publications dealing with informational and interpretive subjects related to the Black Hills region; the profit from these transactions to be used for printing, stationery, miscellaneous supplies connected therewith and to assist in obtaining equipment, materials, and supplies to accomplish the purposes of this Association.................."

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